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How to Dye an Ektorp Armchair Slipcover in the Washing Machine


I hardly ever write anything that’s not about travel. But tonight, a Saturday night, I’ve decided to tell my story—on how to dye an Ektorp Armchair Slipcover in the washing machine.

I promise, this is going to be GOOD…if you’re looking for a cheap way to change up your furniture. If not, move along now. 

Ektorp, in case you’ve never gone budget furniture shopping before, is an Ikea armchair. You can view it here. The price starts at $249 for a basic white chair. If you want to color up your chair, that’s going to cost another $100 bucks or so. But this being Ikea, they don’t want you to have a huge selection of colors that you might actually like so your choices are pretty limited anyways. 

We had the white slipcover which you can buy for $29. But the kids in my life dirtied it up with milk stains, juice stains, marker stains and tinted moisturizer stains. (Protip: never leave your makeup bag out for your 3-year-old to discover.)

But I was not going to pay $129 for a new colored Ektorp slipcover, just to have the kids ruin it again. And I certainly wasn’t going to wait four weeks and pay about $249 for a custom-made slipcover. 

The only thing left to do was dye it on my own. In the washing machine. #ohshit

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