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How to Dye an Ektorp Armchair Slipcover in the Washing Machine


I hardly ever write anything that’s not about travel. But tonight, a Saturday night, I’ve decided to tell my story—on how to dye an Ektorp Armchair Slipcover in the washing machine.

I promise, this is going to be GOOD…if you’re looking for a cheap way to change up your furniture. If not, move along now. 

Ektorp, in case you’ve never gone budget furniture shopping before, is an Ikea armchair. You can view it here. The price starts at $249 for a basic white chair. If you want to color up your chair, that’s going to cost another $100 bucks or so. But this being Ikea, they don’t want you to have a huge selection of colors that you might actually like so your choices are pretty limited anyways. 

We had the white slipcover which you can buy for $29. But the kids in my life dirtied it up with milk stains, juice stains, marker stains and tinted moisturizer stains. (Protip: never leave your makeup bag out for your 3-year-old to discover.)

But I was not going to pay $129 for a new colored Ektorp slipcover, just to have the kids ruin it again. And I certainly wasn’t going to wait four weeks and pay about $249 for a custom-made slipcover. 

The only thing left to do was dye it on my own. In the washing machine. #ohshit

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Just Bought These…

For the first time ever, I have officially paid for a pair of hotel slippers.

I impulse-bought these Vivienne Tam limited edition slippers for Hilton Hotels this morning after my story went up on HotelChatter (and after some online ordering snafus.)

But I saved 20 percent using the code VTHILTON. Total cost? About $30.

Normally, I will grab the pair of slippers found in the hotel room closet and stash them in my suitcase along with the bathroom toiletries. But since my white terrycloth Le Meurice slippers from my stay in 2010 are not only filthy (despite numerous washings) but also falling apart and since the ones I swiped during a recent stay at the Four Seasons Los Angeles are a little snug, I thought buying the VT slippers would be a nice, colorful replacement.

And they will indirectly remind me of my trip to China last December. And perhaps my former life as a “jetsetting” hotel reporter.

Oh yeah, I got knocked up again. Baby #2 is due in a few weeks and I’ll be taking about four months off instead of five weeks. Part of me is looking forward to being a lady of leisure without having to file or edit a story every hour but that’s probably just wishful thinking. People: I am going to have two babies under the age of two! That means instead of correcting HTML messes or finding ways to sass up a hotel package every hour, I’ll be wiping someone’s heinie instead.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it goes by so fast; I will miss these days in a few years; it’s all worth it in the end, blah, blah, blah. For now, I just can’t stress enough the importance of safe sex. On the bright side, maybe during my time off I’ll be able to update my Tumblr more regularly. Hahaha.

(I’m working through the end of the month, pretty much right up until the baby is born, and then I’ll be putting the site into the hands of some very capable people, people who like, can still travel and stuff. I’ll be back in January 2013.)

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